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Final Fantasy 4 Gaming Journal Blog [Jan. 25th, 2013|10:07 am]



Final Fantasy 4 Gaming Journal

I took a break from FF9 since I am in a spot where I have to find the right way through a cave using one of thoe spiders and it is making me very irritated. I booted up a ROM with FF4 10th Anniversary Edition on it and its one where its the original japanese version translated with ll correct script and uncesored sprites-dialogue along with the pumped up difficulty that is making it near impossible for me to advance but its a lot of fun and quite the challenge.

Here is an entry of my progress thus far:

Location: Mysidia

Level 10- Paladin

Current Party- Tella, Porom, Palom.

Time- 03:21

Gil- 81

I must say in just 3 hours in game time I was able to advance to such a great length along with all the secrets and hidden areas I had encountered when I first played this game years ago in my SNES. The difficulty setting is very high, enemies seem to have double the HP than the US version and attack you mercilessly, but the game itself its not entirely hopeless, if things get too hairy, its very easy to escape with the shoulder buttons. The boss battles are the ones to watch out for in this version, being that said bosses, especially the Elements, are very very hard to beat.

The party I have its going bacl to Baron Kingdom where Cecil will confront the Water Fiend (Which in this version are called Emperors) and also the Summon Odin which is hidden inside Baron castle. Of course, their first confdrontation against Golbez which will result in Tella´s demise along with the young mage twins Palom and Porom.

I enjoyed Dark Knight Cecil since he was able to cast Dark Wave, a move you cou only witness in the US version when he confronted himself before becoming a Paladin. However said skill takes some HP from you, so I used it whenever I knew I had enough to win a battle. I also noticed characters have extra skills ommited in the US version, Porom has one where he can make his magic more powerful and Gilbert (Edward) has Medicine which raises HP a little on the party without using MP.

So I will next update on my progress revisiting FF4, I am sure by then I may be on the Moon fighting off pink gooey monsters to get the rat´s tail.